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Webcast: A Better Bid Solicitation Method

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[Room Opens 5 Minutes Before Start]

About Logging In:

Go to: ["Live Webcast Link" Above]
2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Click "Join".
4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

About Phone Connections:

1. If your telephone number is not a direct line, you will not receive a conference call back.
2. You will need to dial:
3. Toll free number 866-469-3239
4. You may be asked for the meeting number: []

*Allow your web browser to accept active X content during the webcast.
*Your browser will download a webcast viewer. This will only take a few seconds.

Having Problems?

If you are having difficulty joining the web conference or with the audio call portion, contact:
Hal Smith
Telephone: 336-292-1883

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